Pineda Wins 5th Place in the 2016 Regional Technolympics

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Another Longosian pride was born after winning 5th place for cooking “Experimental Chicken Dish” in the 2016 Regional Technolympics.

Maribel Pineda of Grade 10-Athens made sure that she will not go home empty-handed after the contest tha
t was held on Dec 6, 2016 at Marikina High School.

“At first,I felt nervous because it’s the first time I joined a contest but I did not let that feeling overcome me, instead I told myself to enjoy every moment I have during the contest.I considered that moment as a great opportunity not only to show my talent but let people know how proud of I am of being able to represent our school,” Pineda said.

Pineda also added that she did not expect to win the contest because of a simple dish that she learned from Mrs. Maricel Dagdag one of her trainers and Cookery teacher for two years.

I am so happy that Mrs. Dagdag’s efforts on me were not wasted. Her “Tea Chicken” recipe amazed the judges and that made me really feel confident during the entire contest.

“I’m also grateful to Mrs. Nevelee Cajayon and Mrs. Katherine Rubino for their efforts in helping me learn more about cooking. If they didn’t work together, I wouldn’t achieve what I have now,” said Pineda at the end of our interview.

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